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Sunday, January 09, 2005

I begin here...

Not long ago, a close friend of mine,also one of the seniors in my college, with whom I am very closely associated, published his first paper - something related to the use of PDAs and its relevance in ICT4D - at a conference held in Bhopal where he said he came across this very interesting person called Atanu Dey who is an Economist and told me to go through his writings at (You may definitely like to read them!). I checked it out and was really impressed.

More or less at the same time, another close friend who is already into this blogging world for about sometime now, told me about his blog - As I read the various things, and as I came across more and more blogs, somewhere somehow , felt that may be it is time, I started recording what goes through my mind about the world as I can see it. Never felt that I ever have to record about what I thought.

I used to feel that I could remember my thoughts as if they were just a day old. Thoughts that I had about many things that I observed right from my childhood. Always felt that my thought - given a situation would be the same - without any reference to the space and time related aspects. But how do I check them? Not possible without recording them. So let it be that this blog of mine survives the test of time!
- Amen


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