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Sunday, January 09, 2005

First Thoughts ....

When I first saw this famous quote by Des Cartes - "I think, therefore I am." I understood in a very different way as opposed to the way it was meant. While reading Russell's Problems of Philosophy, I realised that Des Cartes used this as his basis for knowing his existence ! But yeah, what was the way in which I understood it?

I take it for granted that each person in the world is unique. But how does one see and appreciate this uniqueness? The above quote served me well. It is "thinking" that makes the difference, so I felt. And if one does not show his uniqueness in the world, then probably he may not be in a position to claim that this is "mine" - and as per my feeling - it is thinking that makes the difference.

So if one has to claim that he is this - then it is his thinking that decides it. And if one does not exercise his thinking skills then probably never would he able to say "therefore, I am."


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