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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Winding things up...

In my reply to my friend Rastogi, I have given my reasons as to why there was a natural choice of presenting the Right Wing "propaganda" after bringing the W W Hunter's argument. I shall try to wind things from this end by showing a few pointers to the other side of the story and put a view up, which needs explanation that shall be provided in some subsequent posts.

As I look back at the previous two posts - I understand that there is some problem with what I have done.Both the editorial from The Pioneer and the Comment by S Gurumurthy - both these are copyrighted materials - and there are many an argument regarding bloggers not respecting the copyrights. I think out of oversight, rather, no sight in this direction, I have pasted them on my blog. I shall in the days to come provide a gist of their argument in my words and remove them - and do my bit towards respecting the copyrights - to follow whatever the law might say. I do not want to venture myself into the copyrights and IPRs etc. in this blog, but I think I made my point clear. May be later these shall be dealt with.

Getting back to the topic, the argument that Muslims are being appeased and that the majority section have been neglected is the idea based on which the Right Wing Agenda came up. Now, I request the readers to take a look at this website - to get the the then AIML perspective of the whole freedom movement and its relation with Indian National Congress.There is a need to do a very critical analysis of both kinds of views.

When it comes to issues like Babri masjid and Ram Temple - I think that these should be looked at in greater detail.Unfortunately for us, I do not think if there are any objective sources to deal with the topic. So I shall better not get into a topic where I cannot get reliable sources.

I am happy that I am attempting to write this post exactly hundred years after the Bengal Partition and Bandemataram movement took place. It is this Bandemataram movement and Bengal Partition which gave rise to possibly the worst possible riots between Hindus and Muslims.The start of the misgivings and the misunderstandings that developed then are alive in some sense or the other even today - though unfortunately.I read in newspapers in the past two days that the State Govt. Archives of West Bengal have been enriched with the inside story of the Bengal Partition - the perspective from Lord Curzon, and the British - their point of view - the ideas of Rabindranath Tagore then when Shantiniketan was under constant vigil of the Britishers.I hope that these sources bring in more History to light so as to drive away the current unclear notions which have resulted in popular misunderstanding of history.

Rabindranath's Ghare Baire - speaks of the problem that he saw with the then INC which was looked at by the Muslims at that time as a Hindu party as its movements did not take their role specifically into picture. And as you can see - the AIML never felt in line with the INC in the early days - which is understandable. But even when Gandhiji takes over and there are many a confidence building measure(CBM) from INC to take AIML into confidence(Khilafat Movement is one of them) for a combined work for freedom, the differences remained.

The excessive nature of these CBMs which was against the very integrity of the nation was the thing that I wanted to point out in terms of the rise of Right Wing ideology.Now that Partition has happened, what next? is the question. There is no point in cribbing for history. An Indian might look at Partition as a Historic Blunder but from the notion of AIML in 1940 - it was a necessity. Now, where is the real problem? I can surely point it out from my understanding and analysis, but I wish to do it offline. Anybody interested may contact me.

The Partition left us divided - but definitely not forever, hopefully. The recent Muzaffarabad - Srinagar and Srinagar-Muzzafarabad bus services have started another chapter to the process of removing these misgivings and misunderstandings. Let peace prevail. What are these misgivings and misunderstandings - and how to undo the past mistakes - this is something that requires deeper study and I would not link it just with emotions but I feel there is a need to provide an intellectual thought to the development of such emotions to drive for the best. There was a doctor from Muzaffarabad who remarked "The LoC will fall like the Berlin Wall". So be it - Amen.


Blogger mythalez said...

Someday, when i am endowed with lots of patience and immense amount of energy, i plan to read all these posts....
Until then, keep writin :P

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 5:03:00 AM  
Blogger Sagar Rastogi said...

Tell us... what is the real problem.. and how do you think we can solve it?

Friday, April 15, 2005 1:14:00 AM  

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