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Sunday, June 26, 2005

aah! Freeeeedom!!

This is second in the list of posts attributed to my "event"ful day yesterday.

My friend and I were sitting in front of the main gate, on the steps. 10 yards from where we were sitting, there was this fence, made of wire. Towards the other side of the fence, there were 2 cows (white) and 2 bulls (black). I think I've got their gender correctly, anyway that doesn't matter much to the discussion for I'll refer to them as white1, white2, black1, black2 from now on, for matters of simplicity.

Now,white1 and black1 were tied together under a thatched roof to two different poles that were supporting the roof. The black1 was happily having fodder while the white1 was, I guess ruminating.

white2, and black2 were standing outside under open skies, which were heavily clouded, sun seemed to be sneaking out of those clouds, and there was pleasant winds blowing across from the 2nd pair to the 1st pair's direction. The 2nd pair was slightly to our left,(more or less directly in front of us), while the 1st pair was under the roof towards our right.

We were carefully observing what was going on. black2 was seriously making its presence felt - loudly "ambaaa" - and seemed to be really distressed with its condition (I somehow, felt it was f). white2 and black2 were tied to one of the poles supporting the wired fence. It appeared as though white2 was trying to console black2 and calm it down.

As this was going on, I felt something touching my back and I turned around. Here was a cowhand, with his stick. And what I felt was was the stick. He asked me to make some way - the steps were narrow, and I was blocking the movement, so I moved aside. This man took his stick, went right towards white1, opened its chains and you should see the way in which it ran out towards the open spaces towards our right. My friend exclaimed - "aah! Freeedom!!"
- now there were three of us - me, my friend and his relative who was about 3 years younger than us. All of us observing what was happening towards the other side of the fence. It ran off before the cowhand could finish the job.

black1 on the other hand which was having fodder was in no hurry, it let the cowhand to carefully remove the chains, and then he had to poke it with his stick to force it out when it more or less hopped out of the place towards the direction white1 went.

Then came the turn of white2. It was calm and quiet all the way and the moment it was released, suddenly it came alive and moved out of that place as quickle as possible. All this while black2 was trying its might to move out of the chains. And for some reason, I do not know, the cowhand did not help black2's cause. It was left chained and he left the place.

Much to its dismay, black2 seemed to have found itself the unfortunate victim as it expressed its displeasure at its state. Now, black2 was furious. It wanted to use all its might to free itself of the chains. It started exerting force and started running to see if the chain might break. It then started to see if it can use its teeth, in the process it had to put its face in the wired fence, and the fence which was made of barbed wire seems to have hurt its body. But the desire to get out of the bondage seemed to have won. And it tried hopping around to see if it can get out of the place, somehow. This resulted greater trouble.

One end of the chain was tied to the head of black2 whereas the other end to the pole. In the process of trying to free itself, black2 ended up getting the chain wind up around one of its legs. Now when it started exerting force and moving forward, it almost slipped and then it realised that there was some trouble. Then it worked on how to get out of this one. It tried hopping and somehow got the leg out of the entangling which resulted earlier. It's next move was to get out of the place. So the process begins again - and the same entangling of the leg, and then getting it out kept on. But black2 continued its effort relentlessly. After about 15-20 minutes, it appeared as though its wishes were heard. The cowhand came and wished to help it.

By this time, the chain was in between the front two legs. If black2 were to move or try to run in between it might slip and fall - and hence the cowhand was trying to see, if he can avoid the entangling of the chain. Finally, with the help of my friend's relative, the cowhand could remove the chain - and black2 enjoyed its "hard-won" freedom with a joy that one must see in the way it ran out of that place. I thought in my mind - "aah! Freeeedom!!" - How true!

(It is a sheer coincidence that I end up posting this on 26th June, 2005 - exactly 30 years after Emergency was imposed on the country which resulted in the removal of civil liberties to people of India... I hopefully might end up writing on Emergency today in my next post )


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