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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Who wants math?

Today was a highly "event"ful day and I mean it. I went to the Thread Ceremony (Upanayanam)of a close friend of mine. The venue was right beside Ganapati Sachchidananda Aashram situated on the Balanagar- Medak route. This is the first in the series of posts that I have up my sleave.

My friend has an illustrious uncle in Mr. G T Murthy, who has held various positions at different companies, has been a visiting faculty at MIT, etc. etc. He is currently VP, Crompton Greaves and is a Visiting Professor at the Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. He was one of the invitees and was present at the ceremony. I happened to have a brief talk with him.
I try to reproduce more or less what happened there.

My friend introduced me to Mr. Murthy. He asked me where I study, which Engg. , then the discussion came to the streams in our college - I told him - B Tech in CSE and B Tech in ECE.

Then came a spontaneous observation - I think there won't much of a difference, for all the ECE students would like to opt for CS courses for they are more job fetching.

I tried to tell him that there were efforts being made to avoid this.

I used to teach Communication courses to students at IIT Bombay, but of late students are not opting for them.

I tell him that we had a Professor from IISc B'lore who was a specialist in Error Correcting Codes, and the number of students who opted for the course was hardly 5. And for a course to run there should be a minimum of 15 students.

The reason that this is happening is students do not like "math" courses. They do not want to take math, and so the situation prevails. I no longer teach Communication courses.

There are not many good Maths teachers...

There aren't students who are ready to take them when they are available.

He concluded saying "Ultimately those who learn math are those who have that spark and interest.. and the best way they do it is to learn by themselves "

He had to leave then. My friend told me that one day we could go to his place and can discuss/debate and learn a lot from his discourse - I wait for that day...


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