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Sunday, November 27, 2005

dont u wish, u had someone?

After a looong time, and it feels so nice at heart as I write this. I owe this to a close friend of mine, who introduced me to this blog of Rajesh Advani. We were chatting yesterday, and here's an excerpt from that:

My Friend : here is a author i like ..
---- after reading the story...................... ---------
Me : I liked Rajesh n Rhea
My Friend : all his stories rock
Me : was good 2 read
My Friend : u shud read the god series
My Friend : its jus tooooooooooo good
My Friend : i m a fan of his writings
Me : this is a good romance
My Friend : there r many such ones
My Friend : all make u wish, u had someone
My Friend : so, wat do u say to his stories?
My Friend : dont u wish, u had someone?
after some deep thought....
Me : it feels good, I agree
Me : do I wish? I do not know
My Friend : hmm

I definitely suggest one to read that post. It's cute... a li'l mischievous... and over all nice.

I still wonder why should I have thought deep to my friend's question - and end up saying - I do not know - (?!)

In a sense the question was rhetorical. It more or less was forcing me to say "yes" - and as for saying a "no" - it was something which did not appear suitable in the context as I seem to have been enamoured by the sequence of events that happened in the story...and I ended up with "I do not know" ... Why? I do not know.


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