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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Lots of things to tell...

My last post was about a month ago.

I began to write another post in the meanwhile, but the flurry of thoughts that came into my mind when I started to write a few issues made me feel really irked that I stopped writing it and left my browser open so that I could fill it up later, only to find that a rare power failure in my campus results in the loss of almost 1000 words of meaningful work. And to my misfortune, though I reconstructed it again to the extent possible, there was this problem of my monitor which forced me to shut it down.

Oh I lost another precious account! Well, it is as though I have made up my mind to write it up again. I hope I do it surely, at least tomorrow,if not today. Well let me first make a list of all those things that I had in my mind:

a) Frustration plays a key-role in motivating people
b) Can Teens trouble?
c) Recognition - What is it? - A Proposal of a New Kind - My Institute Spl.
d) Experiences at Presses
e) Part I : Making of a Youth Festival
Part II : The First Day
Part II : The Second Day
Part III: The Third Day
Part IV : Facility - We made use of it?
f) Film 'I' Chakkar
g) From a Research Institute to a University
[wait for an interesting account!]

Oh my God!, the list is growing n growing n growing, I need to write on - yes, my favorite topic - UnderstandingNAppreciation - probably I may have to start a separate blog for this but currently it is too early to say.

Okay, let me post this before something bad happens