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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Desh bechaa nahin gayaa!

Recently, a friend of mine, ended up writing a Daily News kind of post, and for someone who's been out of blogging for a long time, it appeared a good way too, though a silly one. Thankfully the morning's newspaper has given me a good direction.

In the midst of several news items, opinions and columns full of what in some sense be termed an intellectual desert - comes an Oasis in the form of these four columns by Shekhar Gupta, the Editor-in-Chief of The Indian Express Group. Point of discussion : Mole in the PMO.

A must read, for all those who feel/believe that the Nation has been sold out by politicians.

This is probably one of the finest expositions of the manner in which Indian strategy was built and nurtured over the years. The links for the same are provided here below:

The mole and the fox
Mountain in the molehill
Know what they did last summer
How we built the bomb


I doubt if I rejoiced Janmashtami as much as I did the manner in which Manmohan went about answering the Rajya Sabha over the Nuke deal with the US. More on that, may be later.

The more I see of PM Manmohan, the more I get mesmerized.

As the issue of Reservation took the whole nation by storm - there wasn't a single open statement by the PM. Everyone was wondering what he was doing. Having seen the way Veerappa Moily Committee functioned, probably he was busy planning for the next round of action, as the YFE in AIIMS and the country presented their point of view in a strong manner.

Funding for the Education Sector has been miserly for most of the past sixty years thanks to indifference in different senses.

By giving way for 27% Reservation (though it may have come out of skewed understanding of providing better social justice) in Academic Institutes (public and may be private), I somehow feel that the Prime Minister has found a way out for ensuring a sustained funding for the huge education overhaul that he would prefer happening in India. You either support my overhauling of education system by supporting the allocation of funds or talk no more of social justice. Bingo!