Musings of a Spectator

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Return to the Blog World

Five years four months and two days. That is how long this blog has been inactive. A number of attempts to post in the past met with some kind of a mental block or the other. But possibly no longer should that be a bother.

The hiatus meant many things. Beginning with a question mark over whether the musings are adding to the already messed up world of opinions and creating further distress to question mark over whether there is anything to be said at all what with the capacity (or the incapacity) of my thought and lexicon, to the idea that it is possibly better to make notes to oneself to the idea that microblogging has come up and to leap on to it as blogging is all the more time consuming, and then after sometime, a greater self-doubt about whether at all  I can put what I speak of - in writing - as that is a different game altogether and many other such intermittent thoughts which go back to the first question to the myriad thoughts that followed before finally feeling a sense of deprivation of one's own capacity to express in writing that adds to the feeling of inaction (and the world around considers writing on contemplations also as action!) which kept growing that I finally decide to break it.

With a fond hope to return soon, and regularly.