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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Sevagram, Wardha

This is the second in the series.

A Brief Introduction:
In 1930, Gandhiji started Dandi March also popular as the Salt Satyagraha (you must be aware of the Platinum Jubilee Celebration held by Congress under Ms. Sonia Gandhi commemorating the same, earlier this year in Gujarat). Dandi March started from Sabarmati Ashram in Gujarat towards Dandi. As he left the Ashram, he vowed not to return back to the Ashram till India attained Swarajya (Independence). The march did not result in Swarajya. He was in jail for the next two years. After he was released, he spent his time traveling. This time he was on a country wide "Harijan Tour" - this was in 1933 - main aim of which was to fight untouchability.

In 1934, he formally resigned from Congress, at the age of 65. He wished to live in Central India, and he ended up in Wardha (a town near Nagpur)in 1934,supposedly on the invitation of Seth Jamnalal Bajaj. He moved to Maganwadi (Wardha), working on improving "All India Village Industries Association" and its activities, which he started about the same time. During that period, Mirabehn ( Miss Slade), Gandhiji's disciple, who was attracted towards village life, chose to stay at this village called Segaon which is about 7 kilometers from Wardha town.

In 1936, Gandhiji decided to shift his residence to this village (Segaon), which he later renamed it as "Sevagram" - which is to mean "Village of Service". This happened on 30th April, 1936. He stayed there till 1948 and many great decisions during the Freedom Movement were made from here. More importantly, it is the place where one can understand the live example that Gandhiji set for the whole of India to follow.

I guess the above will be a good way to begin talking about Sevagram. I shall explore other things on the way.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Living the History

This is the first in the series of posts that I hope to fill on my trip to Sevagram, near Wardha in Maharashtra. My stay at the Gandhiji's Ashram for 3 days. And the various experiences with Shri Dharampalji, Gandhian, Historian, and a "crusader" against whatever is "UnIndian" - if I may describe him so. I do not know how I can thank Prof. Sangal for making me go on this trip to Central India which still has its heart with Indian essence.

The experience of living the history is undescribable, but I shall try and do as much justice that I can do to this as possible. This has been my first trip to stay alone at an unknown place and yes, filled with interesting and exciting experiences.

I begin by referring you to this wonderful speech by Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh's speech on receiving his Honorary Degree from Oxford University on 8th July, 2005. Please click here and "study" the speech. I shall refer back to it again and again, for I would like to concentrate on the "Understanding Gandhi" part of it too.

Friday, July 01, 2005


I think there seems to be something like a divine prerana and an indication towards something that was in mind but not so fixed which is becoming more and more concrete as time passed - a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Holy Qu'ran late in the night yesterday.

Masha'Allah! so be it!

I believe it is time for the efforts of young people to look at these books and try and understand what they stand for. There is a need for independent out of the course (I mean the regular academic study) study on realising and understanding what is said in the collective wisdom of the Prophets or the Sages in Upanishads or the Saints and Angels in The Bible or As is believed The Word of God.

Being a student of Engineering, I feel that one should have a thorough understanding of what science offers to know how well it can be applicable to real life. In the similar fashion, collecting the knowledge from the religious books and the science, it shall be a highly interesting to consider engineering a dynamic process towards integrating the various knowledge sources and extracting the underlying common thread and realising the harmony if it exists, Inshallah!