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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Spreading the good word

How would one remember Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam as the President of India? As the President remits his office, scores of stories , reviews have appeared in the media and press.

In the midst of all this, after his stint at the Raj Bhavan, comes the news that he has decided to get back to the Academia and shall be joining Anna University. What's more?

He has accepted our Institutes's offer to be one of its Distinguished Faculty!

Though the news might as well be stale by now, but I thought there are some points which are of greater interest. One of my friends asked me - what does his presence mean to us, the students, the Institute? His question was more pointed. He wanted to know what is the objective gain?

The gain is expected to be perceptual. Perceptual - at the level of individuals, at the level of society. One may not call this objective, but nevertheless it is as good as what we gained from having a man like Dr. Kalam as the President.

I do not wish to say more,but wish to sum up all that I can say with this: President Kalam has given a quintessential evidence for the importance of the very act of spreading goodness.

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