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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Aamir and the Raj

Recently, in a speech given at the Oxford University, PM Manmohan Singh had remarked that the British, despite their atrocities, have done much good for India. Do you agree?

I think everything they did was for their own selfish reasons. For example, we didn’t ask them to build the railways. Hamne koi tender to nahi nikala tha. They made it to smoothen the passage of their troops and supplies. Then, they instituted the civil services to rule us more effectively. We would have evovled as a developed country at our own pace and time even without their help. Let’s not forget that they looted and raped us systematically for close to 200 years.

It augurs well for a Nation to have Public Figure and a Film Star like Aamir Khan who have such clarity of thought and the ability to express them as can be seen from the reply. Click here to read the whole interview.

Haven't seen Mangal Pandey. So cannot comment on the movie.

Do I subscribe to the views? No, not before we debate Dr. Manmohan Singh's version - another person with a great clarity in his views.


Blogger Sukesh Kumar said...

I agree with you that British had done everything for their own self but choice was ours and we chose Britishes. They were paying better than Indian Kings so why wont a man choose British employment. Railways were build for them but after freedom its benefit was to us. Civil Services etc. were all political fundas implemented by Company to make up for the spirits of Indians. Even now Companies has such policies to gain more employment and profit. Dont forget the biggest voluntary for army was of Indians for Britishes in World War 2.

Sunday, August 21, 2005 2:08:00 PM  
Blogger agastyabhrata said...

It's a highly interesting point that you mention. We chose British - though I would disagree if you tell me that was for better wages - rather I should say it was for some wages at least.

I still feel that we haven't Indianised the Civil Services - a major rework is required on that front which the PM has hinted at very early in his tenure.

As for Railways, I must say that Indians must look at more natural ways for travel in India - and waterways - the internal connectivity through the rivers is something which is missing needs to be looked at. This hints towards the Linking of Rivers.

And the best possible thing regarding the Freedom Struggle between Undivided India and the British - is the largely seen - NO ANIMOSITY - issue that your words seem to reflect - this and THIS is something that we need to understand to understand the PM's PoV at Oxford and at the same time never forget Aamir's thought sequence as well - for - I come back to my favorite notion - There is nothing black and white or boolean about History. It has different HSV values and we need to identify and appreciate each of those based on the context

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 7:30:00 AM  
Blogger Kiran said...

British looted India. Much of the prosperity in England was financed by its colonies. I am talking about raw material, cheap labour and a huge market.

This is insane for our dear Prime Minister to have mentioned this way.

But I do not agree that we would have been better off if British had not arrived here. Look at the example of China until the 1970s. We guys atleast had an educational exposure & the railways.

As a matter of fact, the political system and economic system in India was so rotten by the time that British arrived. It hardly makes a difference for the public whether you are looted by a indeginous ruler (actually persians and arabs who settled in India) or a European ruler.

Saturday, October 15, 2005 8:17:00 PM  

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